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What is a Time Capsule?

Your family mythology, illustrated.

Joyful, nostalgic moments.


We all save things from special times in our life.  A concert ticket, an invitation, a thank you note, your child's artwork... these tokens carry memories for us and yet we tend to keep them in a drawer.  

A Time Capsule incorporates these these elements (original items or high-quality copies) into a custom mixed-media painting. It elevates a beautiful image into a piece that encapsulates the feeling of place and time, and helps you share your story in a way a simple image cannot.  

Currently accepting commissions.

A tribute to a special person

 Great-Grandma Migs lived to see 101 years. She played cards, drank Dewars and was known in our family as the "energizer bunny" because she just kept going.  She had a special connection with her great-granddaughter.

The family vacation

Maps, tickets and other memorabilia from a family trip to Ireland are embedded in this painting of the town of Dingle. Look closely at the road and you will see the maps of the roads traveled. Look in the window of the pub and you will see the dolphin that followed the boat during a harbor tour.  You may see a Guinness ticket stub, a warning sign from hikes and other mementos of this trip.


Capture the feeling

Family memories





What can it capture?

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