About the Artist

Sarah has always been inspired to create and capture the feelings and energy of the many fleeting moments that make up every day; a shadow, an expression, a new perspective that seems to infuse inanimate objects with vibrancy and life. The stories people tell themselves when they look at a painting is what fascinates and motivates her. What is it about a piece of work that keeps someone’s attention for more than a few seconds? 

Sarah is largely self-taught.  She began drawing and painting at a young age, using art as her creative outlet while working as a chemist and then as a Director in a market research company.  Sarah painted regularly in community art classes in Maine, the San Francisco Bay area, and Princeton, NJ where she added new techniques while taking inspiration from local artists.  


After moving to Nashville in 2009, her second child was born diagnosed with special needs – including intellectual disabilities and autism. Sarah’s life took a different turn than she envisioned, as she realized her daughter’s life would be very different than the life of her “neuro-typical” son’s.  To help manage the resulting complexity and balance the needs of her family, Sarah became a stay at home mom.  In so doing, she increasingly leaned into her artwork as a means of capturing the complexity of our emotions.  In recent years, Sarah has painted murals in the hallways of the Susan Gray School, and she has sketched while waiting in the offices of doctors and therapists around Nashville.  She regularly attends classes and open studios in and around Nashville where she continues to evolve as an artist.  

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